Services include individual therapy, couple’s therapy, and groups.

For clients new to sex therapy, individual and couple therapy might feel safer, more private, and easier to schedule.

Though it may feel intimidating, I encourage you to try group therapy. In a group, you have the chance to work through issues by experimenting with new behaviors and new ways of beings. After all, most issues in counseling are interpersonal in nature. In a group, you can explore, understand, and get feedback on how you relate to others. In a group, you can directly work on the skills of how to relate to others in a safe environment, then go try it on in “real” life.

Most group members report that group counseling exceeded their expectations. Group is also the most cost-effective treatment.

Group fees

  • 90-minute session: $54 per person

In-person classes and groups are limited to six people.


Costs of Services for Individuals and Couples

  • 50-minute session: $180
  • 90-minute session: $324

For more intensive treatment, multiple sessions may be scheduled in a block, up to three hours at a time.


Please check with your insurance provider about your coverage for Boulder Sex Therapy services

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