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Podcast Interview: Connecting During Social Distance

Galeano had dreams of becoming an educator as a child— literally dreams.  She would explain the etymology of the English language and teach Shakespeare, before she’d even read his work. 

After graduating from college, she taught Beowulf and Macbeth to adult education students working on their high school diplomas. They were grandmas who wanted to proudly tell their grandchildren that they too had completed their high school education. Teens who needed to work during the day to support their families. Girls who were pregnant and waiting to give birth. She found that the content of the classes got in the way of her knowing these hardworking folks. So she gave up Macbeth and started focusing on the conversations. Eagerly, she learned more about her students, heard their stories, taught less, and listened more.

Galeano joined us to share stories of life in Coronavirus and how people are connecting in this time of social distance.


Podcast Interview: Exploring Sexual Pleasure by Rediscovering Your Body

You know that old saying “When you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up”? Well, what if you don’t know HOW to get up? Or WHO can help you get there? When it comes to pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, there is so much shame and embarrassment and guilt in the healing process. Join us with Sex Therapist, Tara Galeano, as she shares her transformational journey that led her to a fulfilled life dedicated to helping others rediscover their sexual pleasure and the transformational affects it has on their lives.

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